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Are you playing whack-a-mole with injuries? do you want more freedom to play with your movement? Is your chiropractor on speed dial? Are you looking for breathwork and don’t know where to start?

what brought you here doesn't matter. what does matter is that now is YOUR time to feel empowered and educated about movement - about your body.

What to expectin class


Did you know that the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) protocol was debunked in 2015? That 'belly breathing' isn't an accurate cue for diaphragmatic breathing because only 10% of your lung tissue is in your belly? How about that the best way to address foot pain is by addressing the hips, or that a better exhale can get you better internal rotation at the hip? These learnings and others like them inform how I work with my clients and the classes I teach. I'll continue to share my knowledge so that together we can optimize body movement.

PRI, breathwork and movement retraining

PRI is more than breathwork - it helps rebalance, stretch, and strengthen from the inside out. Improving your ability to get air into the lungs allows your body to utilize better oxygen for your brain, muscles, and other vital organs. Breathing better can help reduce fatigue, decrease respiratory distress, work harder during your workouts, increase mental and physical health, and boost your overall quality of life. I'll guide you through respiratory training exercises so that you can get the most out of these techniques, increasing ribcage expansion and overall mobility.

tissue training and fitness

Functional Range Conditioning joint mobility practice, GOATA movement system, Yoga, Strength, and Conditioning: these are movement teaching certifications I've accrued over my decade as a movement instructor. I label these 'tissue training' in my space to differentiate them from the neurological restorative alignment work I offer using Postural Restoration Institute principles. There isn't anything new in the movement space, just some spins on the language we use, the fervor with which it's taught, and the paradigm through which the body is viewed. I blend all my tools knowing that sometimes some intentional joint work can feel good, some time working the tissues on the foot can create change for someone, and overall fun and variety are the spice of life!

“Working with Kasia has literally changed my life. I was in constant pain and unable to do basic things like carry groceries or take my dog on long walks. Out of desperation, I started my journey with her and I am so thankful that I did. Not only can I live my life normally again but I can actually exercise (!) and try new things (like roller skating!) without fear. The only thing I’d change if I could is I would reach out sooner.” - Stephanie P.

“Before meeting Kasia my body was so tight and twisted that I was constantly in pain and uncomfortable. Nothing relieved it. I tried Chiropractors, Rolfing, cupping, acupuncture, thera-guns, you name it I tried it. Most gave me short term/momentary relief but none actually fixed the root of the problem. Now I have no need for any of those things. All I need is Kasia and what she’s taught me to keep myself going and pain free. It is a lifetime journey for me but if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards. Plus you get to learn some sick dance moves and join Kasia’s dance team.” - Ashley ‘Bird’ A.

“I’ve worked with over 20 practitioners over the years, and Kasia is hands down the best movement specialist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She’s not only an exceptional trainer but an incredible person with endless knowledge on the human body and the healing process.  Working with her you quickly learn that the healing process goes far beyond the training facility, and it’s her all encompassing view that truly separates her process and flow from anything else I’ve ever seen.  The sessions consist of powerful diaphragmatic breath work to prime the body, followed by personalized training based on your specific goals and needs.  The combination of postural restoration with GOATA movement make for a journey unlike anything I have ever experienced, and it’s only a matter of time that Kasia makes both of these household names.  Whether it’s for rehab from an injury, a specific performance goal, or if you just want to move and feel better than you ever have, give Kasia 12 weeks and your life will truly never be the same.” - Jon B.

"Working with Kasia was one of the best investments I've made in myself. I’m an endurance athlete, who always believed I wasn’t really “built” for endurance sports and that I would just have to deal with constant pain and niggles to do what I love. Well, after my first session with Kasia, I began to question that narrative. Case in point: I used to have to stop one mile into to stretch my calves, which inevitably would seize up on me and make every step painful. Since that first session, I haven’t had to stop once in my runs to stretch my calves. Everything is just … easier. My breathing is easier, my sleep is easier, my long days at the computer are easier, my hard training sessions are easier. My favorite part about my work with Kasia is just how much she has empowered me to be a confident inhabitant of my body. I no longer freak out when I start to feel a niggle, wondering if it will escalate and derail my training for weeks on end. I have so many new tools in my toolbox to troubleshoot my own body – and they actually work. Kasia is possibly the most inquisitive practitioner I’ve ever worked with, and her own humility and curiosity is what enables her to support her clients so well. You’re in a true partnership with Kasia on your journey to be your best self, and I’m so grateful to have her support on that journey." - Meghan J.

"When we began working together just a few months ago, Kasia promised that her instruction would “transform your running.”  I had been prone to running injuries since high school and was doing hours of yoga for runners mobility/recovery work to sustain running fewer than 10 miles per week.  While I was a little bit skeptical with Kasia’s promise, I stuck with it and now am running 25 miles per week.  I’ve dropped the yoga for runners, and my legs rarely feel sore after runs. This has all saved me so much time! Kasia blends fitness, mobility, and postural restoration modalities into a unique, powerful approach that I don’t think anyone else in the world is doing right now.  She brings an awareness of how every part of the body and every practical movement pattern—e.g. walking, squatting, running—is connected and can be trained to function even more efficiently, resulting in more joyful, easeful movement, with the added confidence that injury is much less likely once one has learned and patterned the good mechanics that apply to their individual body." - Cameron E.



The way your body organizes against gravity doesn’t have to be a mystery. It’s not just “keep your shoulders down at back”. Get REAL posture changes to move and feel better.


Flexibility is a byproduct of the recode. There isn’t a lot of stretching going on, but rather moving the way nature intended does lead to freedom in range of motion without forcing it.


Training in this way allows you to optimize your running and walking for ease of movement through life.

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Hi, cześć, hola!

Hi, cześć, hola!⁣ At 19, I was suffering from seemingly obscure pain when the doctor told me my spine looked like I had been in a wreck (I had not been). Never mind, I was also smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and had no real movement relationship with my body. I visited chiropractors who cracked and manipulated my body for years but taught me nothing about caring for myself.Looking for REAL answers has led me on a beautiful journey of movement, learning, unlearning, experimentation, and growth.

In 2013 I started guiding others in movement as a yoga instructor, which I lovingly practiced for many years before finding Kinstretch and adapting my understanding of movement. Since then, I’ve taught many formats, became a personal trainer, pursued mentorships, completed FRC, FRA, Kinstretch, and took FR Spine as a non-therapist. When I tapped out with those modalities, I plowed forward. Every client has taught me more than I could ever learn in any course setting. Bodies are not pristine skeleton models or lifeless cadavers. We are walking, breathing, processing, adapting, evolving stories. Through my own continued injuries and the clients I couldn’t fully help, I realized I needed to learn more. Since February 2020, I’ve been on my own restoration journey and have taken seven Postural Restoration Institute Certifications as well as completed a three month mini-residency with my mentor and PRI Faculty member, Dan Houglum. I consider myself a forever student because I believe nature has many hidden truths, and we definitely don’t know half of them. I now invite clients to come partner with me on their own repatterning and unpatterning journey. My goal is that in a short time, you feel better and more empowered than ever before. So whether you’re interested in a deep dive or just here for a few classes and fun, I intend to share everything I know.

Disclaimer: If learning, being curious, diving deep into the WHY behind what we’re doing, getting comfortable with failure, and the process is NOT your jam, this might not be for you. I’m not trying to be for everyone. I’m trying to be the trainer I wish I had for a decade of confusion, injury, and fear of my own body.I hope to inspire you to regain your resting squat, to play more, to ground yourself whenever you get the chance, and most importantly, to grow in both knowledge and movement through proper progression and the use of whatever movement tools and modalities are right for you. ⁣

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